Posted by: relativitygirl | January 2, 2011

Wrestling Basil Rathbone

A word about the particular flavor of Sherlock Holmes on this blog:

As Roger Moore is the only real James Bond, Jeremy Brett was not only the best but the only true and authentic Sherlock Holmes.  I reach this assertion not as a purely subjective interpretation of the many facets of the character in our civilization but after extensive research into Conan Doyle’s original character and his many characteristics. Basil Rathbone looked the part, certainly, with the signature thin-boned face and deep set eyes but, alas, that generation of Holmes was too light and witty – almost comedic.  Brett, bless his soul, was not only an actor’s actor but possessed the haunted darkness of a long-tormeted man – restless spirit, deviant preoccupations, lack of comfort in comforting things such as food, drink and companionship.  His only friends were his longheld cocaine addiction, a poorly-tuned violin, and a morose proclivity for abnormal psychology.  And, of course, his trusted dear Watson.  It is my contention that Jeremy Brett is what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle intended of the character – thus the reason for his sole presence in this forum.


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