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To me, and after reading every story written by A.C. Doyle, there is only one Holmes – Jeremy Brett. He comes the closest to what I believe Doyle intended for the character, swimming dangerously close to the bleeding edge of fiction and reality to be nearly swallowed up by the role. I do love the Benedict Cumberbatch Holmes-avec-Smartphone version but still, ultimately, at the end of the day and after nearly one hundred years of imposters, there is only one.

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  1. Yo, Lisa!

    Nice blog!

    Probably one purpose of conciousness was to know you and then to be able to comprehend the loss of you when you abandoned all of us here in Albuquerque! The Brain hurts when the Mind comprehends the realities of the universe.

    Elementary universe, that is, my dear Watson.
    Universal Tracking, Inc. has you in its sights.
    Possible Next Stop to get some tracking help: HolmesBlogVille.

    Still a Burquean

  2. Basil Rathbone can never be surpassed!

    • LOL!! It’s like the question of who is the REAL James Bond. Disagreement is always welcome and makes for interesting discussions 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

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